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About me

Well, what is there to say about me? My name is Rik Pijnenburg and I’m the man behind the camera. For me the art of photography is that a single photo can tell different stories. One picture says more than a thousand words. A picture touches your soul. It arouses emotions. Pictures amaze, remember, bewilder, enjoy, learn and sadden. It is a still image that moves in your mind, because that one photo of that beautiful journey takes you back to that moment with your feelings and dreams. Another photo can show the pain and misery of people on the other side of the world. So photography is an art that not only tickles our eyes, but can capture the essence of life.

It has been 34 years since I first saw daylight. I have always loved being outside from an early age. Discovering the world while playing outside. That’s where my fascinations for nature, mountains and water comes from. A few years ago I made my first ‘big trip’ to the other side of the world and since then I am addicted to traveling. I love to be in unspoiled nature, but I also enjoy a completely new cultures. To see and experience how people can live differently is one of the most beautiful life lessons that you can get in my opinion. To keep all these expierences as memories for later I started taking pictures and that is how my real passion for photography arose. 

Apart from that I am also an avid cyclist, I love everything about ‘fish’ and my house is slowly turning into a real ‘urban’ jungle. Because I simply can’t be in nature all the time, I just bring it inside. In the Netherlands, I can be found in the creative capital of the country, Eindhoven.